How Argo Group Embraces Hiring During a Pandemic

How Argo Embraces Hiring During the Pandemic

Online recruitment and onboarding processes help Argo Group stand apart from the current employment downturn.

Online recruiting, onboarding, training bolster Argo Group hiring during pandemic

August 26, 2020

Argo Group is committed to finding and developing new talent for its global operations – even during a pandemic. With no clear end to COVID-19 in sight, virtual hiring and onboarding protocols help ensure business as usual.

Video interviews replace in-person meetings

A socially distanced hiring process protects staff and potential new hires, but it can lack emotion. Argo implemented videoconferencing to replace traditional in-person interviews in order to help convey personality. Another benefit: The video interviews tended to be more efficient, allowing interviewees more time to prepare.

Digital tools facilitate first-day onboarding

Starting any new job can be intimidating. A pandemic and a remote work environment make it even more complex, but the solution is simple: supportive staff using technology to provide the resources and connections new hires need on their first day at work.

Virtual training for practical skills

Learning can happen anywhere, anytime. Access to training sessions and readily available supervisors make it easy for professionals to start a new job or switch careers – even from their own homes.

Establishing best practices

Whether or not business will return to its pre-COVID-19 state remains to be seen, but Argo Group is prepared to make virtual onboarding a corporate mainstay in order to reach workers around the world.

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